About Us

In the Language is an online language school.

. We offer English and Italian courses for groups or for individuals. We provide flexible schedules in order to meet the demands of our students.

Native Teachers

We only select native teachers with years of experiences in the teaching field. They are qualified and goal-oriented, willing to work hard to help students to communicate and to study more effectively.

Guaranteed Results

We adopt a new and original way of teaching aimed at using the language in real life. We provide many speaking activities to practice grammar structures taught during the lesson. At the end of the course, students will be able to speak confidently with native speakers, being used to speaking practice during the lessons.

We use a market leading virtual platform to conduct our lessons.

The platform is a virtual classroom where students can interact with each other and with the teacher.

The platform provides a virtual blackboard and various tools designed for online teaching to maximise students’ involvement in the classroom. The teacher can upload various teaching materials and video or audio files which are visible to everyone in the classroom.

Students can attend lessons by using a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. Lessons will be recorded so that students can review lessons whenever they need to. Teaching materials are provided to students during the lesson.

Advantages of online lessons

Our online school offers all the benefits of a real school with additional advantages. By attending an online language course, you will have the freedom to attend lessons from the comfort of your home, from the office or from wherever is convenient.
All you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile device like a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. In addition, online courses offer you the possibility to learn a language with highly qualified native teachers.

Our Beliefs

We believe that by adopting the right teaching methods, anyone can learn a foreign language in a fast and effective way. We adopt an innovative teaching method which aims for concrete use of the target language.
Our courses motivate students to study with commitment and to achieve concrete results.


  • Native teachers
  • Innovative and Effective teaching methods
  • Passion for teaching
  • Eyes on the prize
  • Language Immersion
  • Support for students with additional needs

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize language teaching. We provide original methods of teaching foreign languages, disregarding those old systems based entirely on teaching grammars without pushing students to speak.
The consequence of this method is that many students can read or write in a foreign language but they feel uncomfortable with speaking. Our aim is for students to use the language from the very beginning, as a communication tool to explore new cultures and new worlds.

We want to expose students to the language by using different tools like videos, movies, songs, etc. to make the language more familiar and easier to use.

How to get Results

  • We provide qualified native teachers.
  • We have designed a study programme that allows students to immerse in the language and to absorb it even if they are not able to travel abroad.
  • We adopt an innovative teaching method, supported by many studies, which aims for concrete use of the target language.
  • Our courses are designed to make students develop abilities in every language skill: grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking. We want students to study the language in order to be able to use it in real life
  • Students will have many chances to communicate with native speakers from all over the world during our courses. In addition, there is a final spoken test to verify our students’ results.

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