English courses

English courses from level A1 to C2

English courses from level A1 to C2, where students will build their knowledge to reach the target level.

Conversational English

Group or individual courses to improve comprehension and speaking. Our skilled teachers will use different tools like videos, films or songs to develop listening and speaking skills. During these activities, the student must try to emulate native speakers’ expressions and to put them into practice during the lessons.


6 weeks pronunciation and intonation course (British or American English)

One year intensive course

determination and commitment are the keys to success on this course. This is an intensive course with 4 lessons a week which are 45 minutes long. The course is divided into two parts. The first part consists of class-based work while the second part consists of individual work at home with the continued support of their teacher. This programme is designed for continuous language exposure as if the student were living in an English-speaking country

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